To know how to sell his embroidery patterns for machine simply. Follow the instructions provided in these tutorials, which will explain how to add a machine embroidery pattern to your shop.

  1. To sell your embroidery designs on MB.EXPOSEZMOI you must have a shop, which you can create by registering. You can personalize your shop as well as the information of it. Your customers and visitors can easily contact you from your contact form to ask you a question before purchase. This form is available on the homepage of your shop and on all pages of your products.
  2. The addition of new designs is free and unlimited. Your embroidery designs must be of high quality, the satisfaction of your buyers remains a priority. Put all the necessary information in each of the descriptions of your product sheets so that customers can make their purchases. in all serenity.
  3. Presentation of your dashboard, on which you will have access to all your sales statistics, the management of your orders and your new articles. You will also be able to manage the opinions of your customers and answer their questions directly, from this interface.

Open my shop


How to sell his machine embroidery designs

All the steps to sell your embroidery designs. Do not hesitate to contact us for help or questions.


Create your shop quickly and easily, start selling all your machine embroidery designs immediately.

How to sell his machine embroidery designs
How to sell his machine embroidery designs
How to sell his machine embroidery designs


Follow all the steps in the order of 1 to 9 to add a new embroidery pattern to your shop. Specify in your descriptions the available formats as well as all the information that could be useful to the buyer. You can modify the product at any time by going on your dashboard.

How to sell his machine embroidery designs


From your dashboard you can manage your articles, have an overview of your orders, your commissions, your profile and the parameters of your shop.

How to sell his machine embroidery designs

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