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(updated on January 16, 2020 in accordance with the Consumer Code,Consolidated version as of January 1, 2020)

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These Terms are intended to define the terms and conditions of use of the services offered by the company EXPOSEZMOI.FR under the registered trademark EXPOSEZMOI , as well as the conditions of access and use of these services by creators, sellers, traders and users.

Our subscribers acknowledge having received this information concerning the services offered on our platform, we reserve the right to modify our services and access to the site MB.EXPOSEZMOI users who do not respect the Terms.

The user will be informed in case of change of the TOS, depending on the change or improvement of the services offered.

Our services and services

The essential characteristics of the good or service

The https: // motifs site allows sales by various creative sellers including MB.exposezmoi. The activity of this site consists more specifically in the supply of digital content in accordance with Directive No. 2011-83 / EU of October 25, 2011 on consumer rights.

A unique personalized scanning service provided by MB.exposezme-moi.

Create a shop to sell his designs without any limit of quantity of articles and without commission by article put on sale on the site.

The price of the good or service, in application of Articles L. 113-3 and L. 113-3-1 of the consumer code.

The name, labeling and price of each design are indicated on the product sheet.

The price for personalized scanning is at least 15 euros including tax. This rate is not fixed. As soon as we receive your image to be digitized, we will tell you the price for the production depending on the complexity of your image.

Pay an order

By accessing the platform, the buyer can choose to pay a reason using the "Add to cart" buttons. The items will then be added to the cart. The buyer must use the button "validation of the order" available in his shopping cart.

It is then directed to the registration page, billing and delivery details. The buyer can view the details of his order on this same page. After having filled and verified the form he must use the button "Continue for payment" and finally on "place the order". The buyer can pay with order with a bank card. All payments and payment data are secured via the providers Stripe et paypal

Any order placed is final and firm with a view to acquiring the patterns selected when ordering.

Deadline at which MB.exposezmoi undertakes to deliver the reasons or to perform the scanning service.

Patterns purchased in store : The patterns you buy in the shop are immediately delivered and available for download. you will also find them in your customer account in the "download" tab

Digitization service : The execution and delivery time for a personalized scan is 24 to 48 hours. Your digitized motif will be available for download on MB. Expose me in the section . You must add the motif to your basket and pay for your order after accepting the general conditions of service. Your design will be delivered to you immediately and also available in your customer account in the "download" tab.

Right of withdrawal

Your right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in application of article L 221-28 of the consumer code concerning digital content.

By purchasing an embroidery motif which is digital content not supplied on a material medium, you waive your right of withdrawal after being in agreement with the general conditions of sale and service. By accepting these conditions you waive your right of withdrawal.


Consumer mediation is a process for out-of-court dispute resolution, whereby a consumer and a professional try to reach an agreement to settle an amicable dispute between them, with the help of a third party, the mediator. .

In the event of disputes, you therefore have the possibility of resorting to a consumer mediator. (Article L.111-1 of the consumer code)

Intellectual property

The patterns sold by MB.exposezmoi meet the regulations on the protection of designs and models presented on the site of the National Institute of Intellectual Property.

Registration conditions on MB.EXPOSEZMOI

Access to the platform is reserved for Retail Sellers over 18 years, with the legal power to sell their articles or creations. As a professional salesperson, our services are reserved for companies registered in the RCS or the directory of trades and individual sellers.

As a user you must commit yourself to respect all the rules of politeness and courtesy vis-à-vis vendors and machine embroidery patterns, in your comments, your discussions and opinions.
Publications with racist, sexist, pornographic content, as well as all articles used in the manufacture and consumption of illegal products are prohibited.

Prohibited articles

All products prohibited for sale.

forbidden on MB.EXPOSEZMOI (Not exhaustive)

Weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and all regulated substances
All products from protected or prohibited animal species, and of human origin.
All articles that advocate crimes against humanity, genocide, child pornography and all articles that violate human rights and dignity.
Pornographic products and content.
Food products are strictly prohibited on the site.
All articles and products that are subject to a regulation in force, particular.
Imitations, protected content, trademark infringement, and the reproduction of protected works of art.

By registering as a seller you agree to comply with the laws and regulations regarding the sale of products in France. exposeMoi reserves the right to delete any account that does not comply with these rules, without notice, in order to respect the laws in force, the ethics and the moral values ​​of MB.EXPOSEZMOI.

Create your account

To create a user account to use our services you must register by respecting the required fields. The user agrees to use his own email address and not that of a third party. Your username and password are strictly confidential, do not communicate to a third party.

The user will have the opportunity after registration on MB.EXPOSEZMOI modify or supplement their personal information via their user profile page.

We reserve the right to delete a user account that does not meet these conditions or that has an invalid email address.

As a seller or buyer you can report any problems found on the platform as well as any inappropriate content to our support address.


You can terminate your seller account without notice by contacting our support at
The seller remains responsible for all actions performed on his account with his login credentials, until closing which will take effect within a period of 7 days from the date of request for termination.

In case of non use of a seller account for more than 1 year MB.EXPOSEZMOI reserves the right to close this one. The seller will be informed 7 days before.
MB.EXPOSEZMOI.FR reserves the right to withdraw from the seller's electronic purse all sums due to expose me in case of cancellation or in the case of a refund from the buyer. What the user of the platform accepts.

If the seller is unreachable MB.EXPOSEZMOI reserves the right to transmit its contact information of the seller.
The seller agrees to honor all scanning services in progress before the closing date of his account.

Any closure of the account entails a total and irremediable cancellation of all personal data as well as all the product sheets of the seller on the site MB.EXPOSEZMOI. This action is final.

Comments and reviews

Comments, reviews and ratings are free for all users of the platform.MB.EXPOSEZMOI can not be held responsible for derogatory comments.
Users may nevertheless report any comments or notices posted on their shop.

MB.EXPOSEZMOI reserves the right to delete any comment without notice if it does not respect the good practices of courtesy or damages the image of EXPOSEZMOI.FR

Price of embroidery machine motifs of the seller

The selling price of the machine embroidery designs is free and fixed by it. What the seller accepts. MB.EXPOSEZMOI gets paid by putting the seller and the buyer in contact. The amount of this remuneration is fixed and calculated on the total amount of the basket of the order (TTC). This remuneration is collected by MB.EXPOSEZMOI once the buyer has paid the amount of his order.

Amount of service fees for vendors

The service fee for the sellers is 20% (TTC) of the total amount of the cart. So 80% for the seller. This percentage of service fees remains the same for all professional or private sellers, whether or not subject to VAT.

The online design on your shop is free and unlimited.
The opening of your shop is free.

Information for the seller and the buyer

In the case of a purchase the right of withdrawal and warranty for hidden defects are not applicable, as well as any guarantees that may be related to the quality of the machine embroidery pattern downloaded. MB.EXPOSEZMOI invites the buyer to contact the seller in order to set up and validate all the conditions relating to the specifics of the reason and the files of this one.

The seller as sole manager of his shop undertakes to check and regularly update the status of his stock of items.

The payment of the seller is made automatically via PayPal as soon as the amount of his electronic wallet is greater than (15) euros.

Retraction, refund and cancellation

The seller as a professional undertakes to comply with all the rules of fiscal, commercial and social, he must comply with all regulations applicable to the sale of products. For any article put on sale on the site by a particular seller the right of withdrawal will not apply. The buyer is informed.

In case of dispute the seller and the buyer must find an amicable solution best practices and courtesy must be de rigueur. However, we reserve the right to intervene in case of non-resolution of the dispute. The seller therefore agrees to respect the solution proposed by MB.EXPOSEZMOI.


MB.EXPOSEZMOI is a host, we have no control over the content before it is published on the platform. We can not be held responsible for a loss of income due to a problem of access to the platform, or a loss of data.

Vendors as "independent entities" are liable for all indirect or direct damages caused by their selling actions on MB.EXPOSEZMOI. We can not be held responsible.

The seller and the buyer acknowledge that we have no obligation to intervene to resolve a dispute between them. No compensation can therefore be required MB.EXPOSEZMOI. What users accept.

Our platform is dependent on internet provider services therefore, any malfunction of servers or networks can prevent or affect access to our services and this regardless of our desire to ensure the continuity of these.

All users of MB.EXPOSEZMOI are responsible for their created account, with their username and password. The outgoing hypertext links as well as any other content is binding only the users. As such users should report to MB.EXPOSEZMOI any fraudulent use of these accounts so that we disable them.

the users of the platform and MB.EXPOSEZMOI will endeavor to settle amicably any dispute. In the absence of a solution, the particular user may contact a mediator and the professional user, the commercial court.

These general conditions of use are governed and subject to French law.



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